How to find free top ranking keywords for your websites?

  I am going to show you how to find top ranking keywords for your website. Before we go to the detailed article for example we can imagine that we used to design a smartphone review website i.e., such as a techie website. So we used to search a keyword(top smartphone websites) in google. These are the results came in the google search engine, which gives a list of top smartphone websites for the exact keyword. These are the competitor website which is given below.  91 GSM  So we can use  these website as a competitors and we found many competitors in previous article competitor research. So how can I find similar websites for these websites. By using best tool which is best tool to find similar websites for these competitor websites. And we can able to find top organic keywords for these competitors using If we paste the URL of these competitor website then it used to show the global rank for the competitor w

How can we do the competitor research right way?

If you are a new one or beginner then you might not know who is your competitors are. We use many tools to find our competitors. Most of the SEO tools are available in the online. They are many SEO tools but we need to buy them. If we use premium tools then we get little bit more information than free tool. But we are going to see free SEO tools to find competitors for our domain in this article. They are three SEO tools to find right competitors for our domain. They are 1. 2. 3.  Purpose of Competitor Research We are going to collect, 1. List of competitors and 2. Their similar websites to the main competitors. If you don't know any competitor website then you can find one manually by your target keyword or website topic on google. Let us assume that I am going to start a 'technology' website i.e., I will post news and reviews as well as it's pros and cons of latest gadgets or techkhy items. In such cases Let me assume on

Best Guide For SEO beginners That Helps You Become An Expert

Introduction For SEO SEO Mind Map First of all, some of them know about SEO but many of them don't have the knowledge of SEO. Here comes the blog about SEO for beginners and also for the intermediates. The expansion of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Many of do know about the Search Engine itself some of the examples of the Search Engines on the internet is Google(one of the biggest search engine in the world), Bing, Yahoo, Baidu,, Yandex, etc., This blog helps you to become an expert in SEO. What is SEO           What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the expansion of SEO, which is also used to optimize your website in Search Engine(Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, etc.,.) as well as increases traffic and more visitors to your website. Uses Of SEO Increases traffic to your website Increases visitors to your website Increases the ranking of the keyword Increases social media visitors Get more clicks by using SEO Type Of SEO On-page SEO Off